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Bloom's Taxonomy

This method has been employed in The Easy French and The Easy Spanish. The following discussion briefly describes what the method is and how it is implemented within the curriculum.

Bloom's Taxonomy is an intellectual approach to teaching children. This educational model is used by many as a graduated method in teaching. There are three different areas where Bloom's Taxonomy says that we can teach - within the Cognitive, Affective, and Psychomotor. A committee of colleagues led by Benjamin Bloom produced an elaborate list of cognitive and affective domains, but did not provide information for the psychomotor domain. Simpson (1972) and R. H. Dave (1970) provide much information for this domain.

Bloom estimated that 95 percent of all test questions in the average classroom only use the very basic of skills. I know that I have not solved all the problems with testing knowledge acquisition with this program, but the methods used and activities that are listed after the lesson are written in order to require some higher order thinking, such as: apply, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information. The identifying, labeling, matches and reproductions of story items are within the Cognitive category. The cultural aspect of Le Français Facile! helps in the Affective category. The activities that entail any physical actions or the visual observation of these activities would fall in the Psychomotor category.

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