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The beauty of The Easy French and The Easy Spanish is that they truly are easy. You don't need to understand, or even really be aware of, any of the information presented here to use the program effectively. For those of you who are interested though, program author Marie Filion has prepared a number of in-depth articles surrounding the theories and methodologies of learning foreign languages.

My Journey to Le Français Facile has appeared in several homeschooling magazines and newsletters.
Theories of Reading is an excerpt from the introductory pages of Le Français Facile level I
Bloom's Taxonomy is an intellectual approach to teaching children.
Charlotte Mason and Foreign Language, everything you ever wanted to know about Francois Gouin and more!
Memory and Learning contains solid research based methods to improve retention of learned material.
Creating an Immersion Environment in your homeschool.
How to teach French or Spanish when you don't speak the language is a question we frequently receive from customers

Look for more articles soon!

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