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Best homeschool French curriculum
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French Reviews

*** Please note: our products used to come with 2 CD's, but we recently switched to a single USB key in the back of the book instead. The CD's are still referenced in some of the reviews below, please be aware that:

Professional Reviews

A number of features make this program a good choice for Christian homeschoolers: it works with all ages from about kindergarten through adult, it does not require a parent/teacher who already knows French, it has Christian content, and it uses a variety of methods based on research about foreign language acquisition. Author Marie Filion has extensive background in literacy training, teaching French, and in curriculum development, all of which has equipped her to produce a first class, thoughtfully-developed program...

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     -- Product Review by: Cathy Duffy, widely recognized as the most respected name in Homeschooling Curriculum reviews.

Finally! A french language program, designed for the home, Christian, and phonetically based. This program is the whole meal deal - it has it all and I smile every time I pick it up. Le Francais Facile really is as easy as its name suggests (facile translates 'easy'). You will absolutely LOVE this program ...

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... Whew, I know I haven't done this program justice....I just can't get enough of the right words out to express my excitement. Phonics intensive, Bible based, age inclusive language training that will build your skills quickly easily and enjoyably. It really isn't too good to be true - Le Francais Facile is MORE than is was made out to be. You will not be sorry you tried this program. Thanks Marie, and all of your team who so evidently put their hearts into this work. Your love and enthusiasm show throughout and will be a blessing to many.

     -- Product Review by: Heidi Shaw, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

Customer Testimonials:

My ten year old daughter K loves it and tries hard to pronounce properly. She enjoys the characters. She gets really involved with the whole thing and continuously updates me on the happenings. She has particularly enjoyed drawing the characters the way she visualizes them...puts a face to a name, if you know what I mean. As a mom, I have appreciated how user friendly it is. K is able to do it on her own, which frees me up. Also she is getting a lot out of it and has claimed it as her favorite subject this year. We were able to stay on schedule with the lessons because K never wants to miss her French.

I truly find this a great curriculum.

The author has done a great job! I am amazed that K can just do it and is enjoying it and succeeding with it. She considers herself able to speak French. I understand the realities, but it is a blessing for her to build confidence in a new language. I look forward to seeing the end result. Many thanks Marie Filion.

     -- Joanne van Vliet from Ontario

I highly recommend this French language program to any homeschool family!
I have used various other programs that are of professional quality on their own merit, but none that combines the multi-methods of learning like Le Francais Facile! The interaction of the program between characters in the storyline draws children and adults alike right into the story and learning becomes nearly effortless; the integration of grammar, logic, and rhetoric learning styles sets this program apart and promotes easy and natural learning.

The instant we began my children and I were drawn into the story line, not only because of the quality and entertaining value but because it is written in English with French words intermixed, with the French words being introduced in a very natural progression. We actually could understand what was happening and therefore, stay engaged! After each lesson, French words are separated out into vocabulary words and repeated with the English meaning. And the opportunity to repeat the French and English words is given then.

The audio/cd rom is of professional quality. The voices are endearing and explicit. I absolutely love the fact that this program offers French phonograms and puts them in printable card format in order to learn the French phonetic sound system. I believe this is key to really learning and understanding the French language. This is something that I have not been able to find anywhere else!!!

Another unique attribute to this program is that it uses Christian subject matter within the story line. I love that, especially for my young children. For it reinforces, again, the truth of the gospel in yet another format!!! Absolutely wonderful! I do believe God inspired the author to do this unique work for the homeschooling arena and I know that it will be a valuable tool in learning French for everyone!

One more thing...This program would be an excellent source for homeschool families with multiple-aged children for it easily accommodates the different ages and learning levels, with an independent learner section for each lesson to give the older student an in depth study of the lesson. The parent's manual gives all the simple instructions needed to facilitate the program. The manual offers various activities, French recipes, a resource list of French books to read, etc. This program is unique and well worth the money. I know that you will be pleased, especially if you have tried other typical language programs. The program says it begins at the Kindergarten level, but my 2- and 4-year-olds are learning French right along with my 7-year-old and they keep requesting do it again!

     -- Joanne Schork from California

This has got to be the best yet in teaching our 13 year old child a second language. Thus far, J has picked up very fast on all the lessons we have done. I especially like the way it is set up for the independent learners. I am having hip surgery in Nov. and will be gone for two weeks in the hospital. J will be able to continue with out me needing to be there to answer any questions she might have. The lessons are very simple to follow and the teachers guide leaves no questions. I especially love the cultural aspect of the program with the recipes and activities. The resources given to broaden the reading is a BIG plus.

KUDOS to the author! Thanks for caring about homeschooled children and giving us the opportunity to have the choice to teach other languages with a french curriculum that is of a CHRISTian foundation...

     -- Janice Cramer from Oklahoma

We love the audio, the story line, and that it is Christian based. My children can repeat it word for word. It is just great. We love the lesson where Chérie is asking to be cleaned!

The french weave scared me at first but now I love it. It helps me to understand the vocabulary better and not be scared when I hear people talking it. It is amazing how you can know words, but unless you hear them in sentences you are lost when people are talking because you are trying to remember what the words mean.

We did some of the activity pages and the kids loved them, and being a proud mom so do I. It really helped the kids connect with what they learned, and every time they show the page they remember the line learned.

I think my children are really getting a solid foundation of french.

We are really enjoying our adventure. Thank you for your love and support, I know this program will bless every home it enters.

     -- Ellen Nelson from Oregon

As an English homeschooling mom and wife to a French husband, teaching French to the children was difficult until we tried Le Francais Facile. I no longer worry that I can't teach them French myself. Le Francais Facile has made it easy. I especially like that the audio is on CD as this makes it accessible to the children. They often take the CD to their rooms and play it over and over practicing their pronunciation and listening to the phrases. My 12 year old daughter likes the cultural notes, especially the idioms and has taken to “testing” them with her non-English speaking French grandma, Mamy. Our 8 year old son is enjoying the storyline very much and likes to predict what will happen next. He likes to listen for key phrases “that Mamy always says.” As parents we are enjoying his excitement as he recognizes key French words and phrases. He has always resisted speaking French in the past, but is now jumping on the bandwagon, not to be out-done by big sister. This makes doing Le Francais Facile worth every moment of our time to have our son commence speaking in his native tongue. I couldn’t be happier with the results of this curriculum. Both the children are beginning to READ French. Even Mamy notices that the kids are speaking more French, prompting her to ask what we were doing different. Grand-mère is pleased, as are we. This curriculum is definitely Grand-mère approved in our house.

     -- Joanne Vaillancourt from Ontario