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French boring? Not any more!

Many homeschoolers have told us at conventions that they started using a French home school program which went very well at first. However, they found their children became bored or "bogged down" after a short while. Le Français Facile! makes French fun and easy, with interesting, funny stories your children will love! No more boring children with twaddle, to quote Charlotte Mason.

Want a complete French curriculum?

Way more than a computer game that simply teaches words, Le Français Facile! has everything you need to succeed at teaching French! If you want to go beyond "getting by on a tourist trip to France," then you need to understand the French people, their culture, and their expressions. Every lesson includes French cultural notes and trivia. French idioms (an English idiom would be "Six of one, half a dozen of another) are used in the stories, explained, and kept in your students notebook. You even get some fabulous French recipes (Marie's recipe for Ratatouille is worth the cost of the program alone)! The aim of Le Français Facile! is to turn you into a truly bilingual person, able to go into business with, or present the Gospel to, the French speaking world.

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A scientifically designed curriculum.

Program author Marie Filion possesses a Master of Science in Psychology, has taught French As A Second Language in the public system, private school and online, and has spent years as a Literacy Specialist and Tutor. Drawing on all of this knowledge and experience she has compiled a program that utilizes Gouin Series (as recommended by Charlotte Mason), follows Bloom's Taxonomy and higher order thinking theories by Dr. Jeanne Chall, and even uses the discoveries of Dr. Alfred Tomatis (The Tomatis Method) to retrain the ear and brain to accept French Frequency Bands!

What's a Frequency Band?

Different languages are spoken in different frequency ranges, or bands. Frequency is similar to pitch in music - "C" is heard at a higher frequency than "A", for example (in the same Octave of course). The following chart shows the frequencies that several languages are spoken in:

Easy French curriculum frequency band chart

Did you notice that French and English don't overlap? As a result, what happens when the Anglophone hears French being spoken is that the brain rejects the sounds as background noise! This is because our ears and brains specialize to help filter the huge amount of input that bombards us on a daily basis. Even worse for those with ambitions of achieving French fluency, Dr. Tomatis discovered that you cannot speak any sound which the ear cannot hear (have you noticed that hearing impaired people usually don't have clear speech?). Fortunately, Le Français Facile! utilizes special techniques with the 2 digitally mastered CD's, and the construction of the storylines, which can actually retrain the ear and brain to accept these lower frequencies as language! For more information, read the following article.

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Have a full quiver? Tired of paying for consumable workbooks?

As a homeschooling family of 6, so are we! Le Français Facile! is nearly 400 pages of non-consumable textbook plus 2 audio CD's. CD #1 is also an enhanced audio CD-ROM. Place it in your computer and you can print (for FREE) over 200 activity sheets, which you then keep in a 3 ring binder as your students consumable workbook. This is great for families with multiple children - simply print as many copies as you require! As an added bonus, because the program is non-consumable, you can send it to our friends at Wycliffe Bible Translators (see page 1 in the curriculum for details) when you are finished with it to receive a credit towards the purchase of the next level, saving you even more money!

Don't speak any French, or haven't for years?

Not to worry - everything is recorded on the CD's for you. All 36 lessons (stories and vocabulary), the French phonograms, Everyday Vocabulary lists, French songs, French scripture memory verses, even The Lords Prayer in French are all there. Before releasing Level I we tested it out with 40 different families from all over North America, in places like Oklahoma, California, Quebec, New Brunswick; people with no French, some French, and plenty of French! Everyone had great success (not to mention lots of fun!) with Le Français Facile! But don't take our word for it! Read some of the comments our testing families had.

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Multi-age family?

So are we! Le Français Facile! includes 3 different tracks that your students can take. The younger student track takes 3 years to complete, the Independent Learner track takes 2 years, and the Teenager/Adult track is 1 year. Every lesson includes an Independent Learner section (used by Teenager/Adults also) with specific instructions to allow them to complete the program with minimum assistance from the parent. In our family, our 3 year old colors printouts of the characters while our 5 and 7 year old do the lesson with Mom and our 12 year old works on it independently.

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If you've been searching for an easy to use French curriculum that anyone can use, whether they have any French background or not, then your search is over!